Phase One of Project One: one love. one mic. one song. a success!!!

Don’t miss your chance to attend the remaining Music & Dialogue sessions!

Over one hundred L.A. County youth have already plugged into Project: One’s Music & Dialogue Sessions featuring performances from conscious artists and human relations discussions with youth from across the County. On January 24, 2009, Project: One kicked off in Watts at the Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center with guest artists Medusa, Mike the Poet and Grammy Award winning song writer KC Porter!!! The following Saturday, January 31, downtown Long Beach experienced a flood of conscious music with artists Noelle Skaggs, J-Dubbs and Def Jam Poet Ise Lyfe! Check out our slideshow and performance videos! SHOUT OUT to all the artists who have come through to share their art and life stories with L.A. County youth!

Contrary to stereotypes about Generation Y’s music taste - it’s not all about the bling. In the breakout discussions, youth reported out they want to hear music with passion, truth, creativity, spirituality, politics and realness. Youth are also using innovative media strategies to creatively contrast mainstream consumer culture with their own original work. Project: One’s Music & Dialogue Sessions are free spaces for youth to hear from conscious artists, professional song writers, engage around social justice issues and cultivate positive intergroup relations between L.A. County youth. Some but not all issues raised in the first two dialogues include: sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, classism, domestic violence, politics of the music industry, child labor and war. We have much more to dialogue about and we want to hear from you!!!

Keep checking for updates at the Project One Web Site and don’t hesitate to call or email your questions: 213.974.7615 or

The Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations has been in existence for over 60 years working to improve the way different groups of people get along in L.A. County . We believe young people possess the keys to unlock a future free from hate and discrimination and we want YOU to get involved! Whether you’re a young person, teacher, parent, guardian or community member, sign up today and make social change in L.A. County a part of your reality. It’s zerohour: the time to act is now!


Under the direction of Mr. Cheeseborough, Media Arts Teacher at Jordan High School and founder of the Media Aid Center in South Central Los Angeles, high school students from south central L.A. covered all of the Phase one Music and Dialogue sessions as budding filmmakers and videographers.. Check our more about the Media Aid Center on YouTube. presents:


Calling on L.A. County youth ages 14-18 -- Rappers, Mcees, Singers, Songwriters, Poets, Beat Makers, and Musicians -- We Want Your Songs!

Project One aims to promote social justice through music and encourage LA County youth to promote peace while speaking out against racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, poverty and overall hatred towards others.

What: Project: One, a county-wide search for musically talented youth, ages 14-18.

Who: Calling on all Rappers, Mcees, Singers, Songwriters, Poets, Beat Makers, and Musicians.

When: Phase 1: "Music and Dialogue" sessions, where youth learn the power of using knowledge, consciousness and life's experience into the music they produce. Hosted by Human Relation Specialists and professional recording artists and producers. You must attend at least one Phase 1 session to apply and qualify for Phase 2.

All sessions are FREE!

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Teens Make A Difference Day 2009 is a countywide program coordinated by the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations’ to encourage and support teens/youth organizations, schools, religious institutions, and government agencies with their efforts to engage teens in planning and implementing a one-time or on-going self-initiated and self-organized volunteer community service projects in the community.
The L.A. County Commission on Human Relations is coordinating Teens Make A Difference Day 2009 on Saturday, October 24, 2009 in collaboration with Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation, L.A. City Department of Recreation and Parks, L.A. Unified School District Health Education Programs, and L.A. Unified School District Beyond the Bell Branch.
For more infomation and rules, please view this PDF FACT SHEET. and this list of Rules.

GSA Announcement
By: Mesha Carr

G is for Gay, S is for straight, and A is for Alliance. The GSA, (Gay Straight Alliance) is a safe space for all LGBTQ students and their friends/allies to come share their experiences. Whether you have questions that need to be answered, I think that you might be interested in the same sex, or just need to make new friends who share similar views; the GSA is the place to be! Despite the rumors, this Is Not the " Gay Club"...more